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Listen to our podcast w/ Randy Duncan, Daddy Duncan's BBQ

Chef Randy Duncan sits down to talk all things BBQ and how he became a powerhouse in Katy, Texas.


Daddy Duncan's BBQ Kingsford Event


Daddy Duncan's BBQ Photos



Listen to our podcast with Patrick and Erin Feges, Feges BBQ

Patrick and Erin Feges join us this week on the Cost of Goods Told Podcast. NextSeed was generous enough to allow us to record in one of their conference rooms so we would have a nice quiet spot to record (

Listen to our COVID-19 Podcast with Erin Feges, Feges BBQ

This week Chef Conor talks with Chef Erin Feges of Feges BBQ via Zoom about the ever changing landscape for restaurants.


Watch our Podcast with Patrick and Erin Feges, Feges BBQ


Feges BBQ Photos



Listen to our podcast with Greg Gatlin, Gatlin's Barbecue

Greg Gatlin, owner and pitmaster of Gatlin's BBQ, joins us to discuss all his barbecue ventures and his humble beginnings.

Listen to our Podcast with Michelle Wallace, Gatlin's Barbecue

Michelle Wallace, executive chef of Gatlin's BBQ, talks with us this week about finding a career in cooking and learning just how big barbecue is in Houston. There are a ton of stories and even more laughs in this week's episode.


Watch our Podcast with Michelle Wallace & Greg Gatlin, Gatlin's Barbecue


Gatlin's Barbecue Photos

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